The first impression cannot be repeated. The choice of clothing for a first date must be taken seriously. First you need to choose the style. And then put on clothes. Remember that your clothes will tell about you a lot of information. The whole image consists of little things, every detail plays a role.

The choice of image is influenced by the place of date. If you decide to walk in the park, then jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt will be an excellent option. A bunch of flowers will add romance to the image.

For a date in sports style, the most important thing is to choose comfortable sports shoes. Clothing should not constrain your movements, you should feel comfortable.

For a more formal place, choose a more formal style accordingly. For those who do not like a strict official style of clothing, you should pay attention to such a wardrobe item as a jacket. It is very fashionable among youth to wear blazer jackets. A fashionable jacket emphasizes the figure. Ideal for just for a walk, or for a pleasant evening in a restaurant or a cafe with a girl. The jacket perfectly complements the look of even classic jeans and t-shirts.

A look from the classics will help to look irresistible at the first meeting. Wear black or navy blue jeans, a white shirt, or a polo. Give preference to calm pastel colors. Your choice is in favor of a shirt, then be sure to tuck the shirt into your pants and add an important accessory belt. Choose a belt according to the color of the shoes.

A great addition will be stylish accessories. A steel watch, a leather fashion bracelet, cufflinks will do. Massive men’s jewelry made of gold went out of fashion. An accessory is needed to emphasize your personality.

Do not forget about shoes. Shoes made of genuine leather or other material should shine. This is best taken care of in advance. Do not forget to clean sports shoes.

Well-groomed and styled hair is the key to success. It takes a couple of days to take care of a haircut. The appearance of a man largely depends on the hairstyle. Perfectly styled hair means self-confidence. Pay attention to the nails on the hands.

Perfume will help to make a good impression. Apply perfume to clean skin and clean clothes without any odors.

Basic rules for everyone: the color scheme in clothes should be combined, all the wardrobe items that you plan to wear are ironed; no spots and holes. Avoid your favorite frayed old jeans, a stretched T-shirt, and home knitwear.


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