Even a shy person can become the king of communication in an online chat, if you know the questions you should ask to your interlocutor.

Why is it important to know them? No one wants to carry on a dialogue with a boring person, preferring a more interesting interlocutor, who knows how to keep up the conversation.

Where to begin?

The first thing to do is to find out the name. It is proved that a person, who constantly hears his name, has an inexplicable sympathy to the one who says this name. Therefore, use this psychological trick and call your interlocutor by name. Just do not overdo it and do not cross the line where sympathy ends and irritation begins.

Next, you have to show imagination and learn information about the person so as not to be considered a nasty interlocutor, asking such questions as “Where do you study?”, “How old are you?”, “When did you graduate from school?”.

Here are some options of extraordinary questions:

– Who did you want to be in childhood?

– The most important person in your life?

– What was the last book you read?

– Your most courageous act?

– What can annoy you?

– Do you like surprises?

– Would you like to visit the moon?

– What is love for you?

– What is your perfect day?

Such questions reveal the person. He feels his importance, because you are interested in frank, personal things, you want to know not only about where he is studying or working, but want to see his inner world and become a little closer.


* Do not be boring and predictable, because even if something goes wrong, you can always stop talking at any second and leave the chat.

* Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous. After all, if your interlocutor does not understand your joke, it is not because of a joke, but of his sense of humor.

* Make a list of extraordinary questions in advance. An interesting person will definitely appreciate this approach.

Communicating and getting acquainted with the person you are interested in, do not be boring adults. Show some imagination and you surely will make your interlocutor love you.


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