Some people believe that there are no restrictions in communication in the Internet. You do not have to observe any boundaries and moral standards, you can behave not very culturally. This is not true. When communicating in the Internet, you also have to follow some rules, otherwise no one will want to talk to you. This is especially true for online chats, where you cannot hide behind a faceless text.

Of course, your interlocutor is far away, and cannot hit you for rude statements addressed to him/her, but he/she can easily leave the window of communication with you. That is why it is worth monitoring your speech and not allowing insults in the dialogue.

What is important in online communication?

Firstly, any conversation should begin with a greeting. Do not use non-standard options, this can scare off a potential interlocutor. Who knows how he/she will react to such ‘creativity’ from a stranger? Of course, the reaction can be positive, but a lot of people can be confused and even put in an uncomfortable position.

Secondly, you need to be extremely sincere in the conversation. Do not put a mask on yourself. If you want to pretend to be another person, then play your role till the end, think through everything in detail so as not to get lost in history.

Thirdly, you should remember that for many people a chat-roulette is just a way for a good time, meeting other people. Not everyone came here in search of a soulmate. When communicating, do not be too annoying and immediately dream about the white dress and the sounds of the wedding march. Just talk without responsibilities. If communication develops into something more, then this is wonderful.

When online communication takes place with a stranger, you should not insult him/her. There is no need to point out his/her mistakes and grumble about the presence of any qualities that you do not like about him/her. Tired of talking? Just switch the room, do not be imposed on your moralizing.

What is more, a lot of people are sure that immediately shining with their sense of humor is a great idea. Yes, joking is fine, but not from the very first minutes of communication. The interlocutor may not appreciate your sense of humor and run away. It is best to include jokes (and possibly flirt) a little later, when you have already learned the views and principles of each other and began to hold a dialogue on various topics. And then you can turn on humor.

And, of course, no one has canceled the banal rules of politeness. There is no need to swear and use slang words. Just follow these communication rules and you will have a ton of new online dating.


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