When you still do not know anything about the future interlocutor, it is important not to get into an unpleasant situation, choosing the wrong topic for communication. Otherwise, the conversation may not be interesting, and the girl will have incorrect impression about you as a person. What is it not worth talking to a girl – let’s try to figure it out.

Top 6 topics that are better not to raise in a conversation with a girl:

· Their ex, even if you really want to share your feelings;

· People unfamiliar to her;

· Problems;

· Personal achievements;

· Health problems;

· Everyday life.

Why should you avoid them?

Talk about ex

If you randomly chose the girl as an interlocutor in Omegle or Chatroulette, then she definitely should not talk about her former friends. This is due to the fact that during the conversation you can reveal your own shortcomings. Also, do not try to tell about your betrayals, if they were, in a relationship.


Conversation about people whom the interlocutor does not know can spoil the impression. A girl can take this topic in a different way. She will begin to think, to compare herself with the person you are telling her about. And if you begin to express your negative opinion about the stranger, then it may seem to her that you are too fierce, nervous, exciting. In simple words, all your shortcomings will become noticeable.


Every girl, even if she got into the chat randomly, will not discuss your personal problems. Just think, do you need to complain to a woman now? Do you really have such a close relationship? If we are talking about a random interlocutor, then it is unlikely.

Personal achievements

All your victories will be noticeable to the girl without stories about them. If everywhere and at every opportunity you will share this information, then you can easily be considered an egoist. No woman will speak with a man who thinks only of himself.

Health problems

Let’s be honest, your health problems are not of interest to the girl, especially if this is your first time communicating with her. Do not assume that in this way you will be able to interest her.

Daily routine

Be sure that most of what you did today is completely not interesting to the girl. To have fun you need to know each other well, and in chat-roulettes you never know who you will meet today.


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