Chatroulette is a popular service where people communicate with each other. Your interlocutor can be anyone, because the system itself chooses him/her.

Even if you choose specific search categories, the service will search for the interlocutor in a random order. However, it will take your criteria into account. Before using the portal, learn its rules because if you do not follow them, you will be blocked.

The rules:

– respect the interlocutor

You communicate in an anonymous chat, but it does not mean that you do not have to behave in accordance with the rules of etiquette. You mast not be rude, use obscene language or cause a conflict. If you offend a person because of his race or religion, you will be blocked forever. Therefore, if your interlocutor is not nice, just stop the conversation;

– you must not act like vulgar person

Online chat is designed for comfortable communication for different people from around the world. Therefore, you should respect your interlocutor. It is strictly forbidden to wear inappropriate clothes in front of the camera. That is, you should put on ordinary clothes. Do not wear underwear or pajamas. It is forbidden to show private parts of the body. In text messages you must not use phrases that can offend a person. Do not think about virtual sex. The service was created to find friends;

– it is a video chat, so the camera should show only you

The camera should always be pointed towards you. Remember, the service is unique, because the interlocutor sees you in real time. The camera should show your face under good lightening, so a person can see a high-quality image;

–  spam ban

It is forbidden to send the same message to different users in the service. That is, you must not advertise or offer anything. Moreover, you must not ask people to vote somewhere, rate a photo and so on;

– you must not show personal correspondence with the service user to other people

The main feature of the service is anonymity. To save it completely, the user cannot record conversations and distribute personal correspondence in the chat.

If an interlocutor is rude, you can always complaint about him. However, it must be honest, that is, you cannot complain because you do not like appearance of the person. Each complaint resource administration considers individually. If you complained about a person who has complaints from other users, his profile will be blocked.

The rules are to make people respect each other. If you follow the rules, you will have fun with new friends.



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