Chatroulette was invented by a Moscow student Andrei Ternovsky in 2009.

What is the Chatroulette service?

The Chatroulette service is so popular because of the simplicity of the idea of ​​communication between two random people who live completely in different places.

To communicate in Chatroulette you need a little and it also contributes to its popularity. You need:

  • device with an access to the Internet;
  • a webcam and a microphone;
  • in addition, Adobe Flash must be installed on your computer.

At first, the site did not require any registration, and the users communicated completely anonymously. Over time, in order to minimize harmful use of the site, the need for users to create their own free accounts has been added. To create your profile you will have to enter your name, email address and password.

The system has a minimum of interface elements: two windows for broadcasting a video stream and two buttons for starting a conversation, stopping it, or selecting the next interlocutor.

Why should you choose Chatroulette for communication?

Chatroulette is a really interesting way of communication. You can very quickly connect with a stranger who lives in another part of the world. In real life you could hardly meet with this person.

The reasons for the popularity of the Chatroulette:

  • the main advantage is its simplicity. Minimum of necessary conditions for use, quick connection and quick change of the interlocutors;
  • the service is free;
  • really wide audience for communication. Here you can meet people of different ages, different nationalities and genders;
  • random way of choosing the interlocutor makes this way of communication creative, adds excitement, and also provides an opportunity to meet and to communicate with a random person.

In order to enjoy communication is worth following some of the recommendations:

  • if during the broadcast you use artificial lighting, choose a soft and warm light source;
  • be polite and friendly, be open for communication.


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