Nowadays communication is changing. Earlier people tended to communicate offline a lot. Today they prefer texting or online calls communicating remotely. These changes can be explained by two reasons. Firstly, lack of time, which is especially typical for megapolis citizens. The second reason is the development of the Internet.

The most effective means of anonymous communication is chat roulettes. They allow you to text and video chat with random people. The main advantage of these sites is the opportunity to change your interlocutor quickly. The system allows you to stop your current dialogue and go on to the next. Let’s discuss some examples of such recourses.


The address is The creator of the site is our compatriot Andrew Ternowskii. At the time of the development he was studying in the 11th form. A greater popularity the resource gained in the beginning of 2010 after being mentioned in such media as Good The New York Times, New York Magazine and in a popular TV show Good Morning America. This was just after the launch, which took place in November 2009. During the first year the number of visitors to the site was breaking records – over 1.5 million of visitors a day.

The main designer’s parents became his parents. They believed in their son’s idea and invested 10 thousand dollars. It took less than half a year for 4 programmers to be involved in the project. In the beginning Andrew was offered to sell his project several times. His business was estimated to be 50 million dollars back then.

The interface consists of few buttons. Entering the site you can see two screens on the left. They are the image of your partner’s web can and yours. On the right there is a text chat, here you can also see the country your partner comes from. If you want to connect, you have to click on “Start”. There is also “Stop” button if you want to finish the conversation. You may report about breaking the rules of the site. Providing that the person gets 3 complaints within 5 minutes, he or she will be temporarily banned.

You are recommended to be over 18 to use as masturbation on the web cam might be come across. Besides, some users might use bad language.
Andrew Ternowskii is little known about. According to the latest information, he moved to Silicon Valley some time ago in order to develop his own web service.


The popularity of Chatroulette caused the appearance of replica sites. One of these is Omegle. However, nobody takes into consideration the fact that it appeared much earlier in 2008. Nowadays it is considered to be one of 10 most popular web sites for anonymous communication. Over 10 thousand people visit it every day.

It has significant differences from Chatroulette:

• Uncontrolled section of the site. There are some restrictions on and all the users must obey those rules. Meanwhile there is a special section on where users can do anything they want without being banned.
• Possibility to choose the country. Chatroulette offers you interlocutors from all over the world while has some options for better search results.
• More detailed interface.The designers have taken care of better colour choice, icons and fonts. The style of Chatroulette can be described as “minimalism” as there is neither special design nor menu.
• A wide range of languages.You can use the site on your first language.
The only disadvantage of Omegle – is the lack of girls (in comparison to the number of boys) in the uncontrolled section.


So, we have taken a look at 2 chat roulettes for adults – Chatroulette and Omegle. Both resources were designed 10 years ago, nevertheless they still remain popular. A great number of visitors can be explained by the opportunity to remain anonymous. These sites may help you find an interesting interlocutor for one evening or long-term relationships.


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