If you want dating on the Internet to turn into something more, you need to communicate so that an interesting and versatile communication develops. Here are the right phrases for dating and continuing a relationship with a guy on the Internet, thanks to which you can interest the young man.

You are the most interesting person on this site

Guys love to feel exceptional and unique. Why not take advantage of this and give a sincere compliment to the man you enjoy communicating with? You can be sure that after this phrase your communication will move to a new level!

I saw your profile and could not remain silent

Usually girls are afraid to write first because of outdated stereotypes, and guys know this very well. That is why it is worth making it clear to the man that he is special, that it is for him that you decided to step over your pride and be the first to start a dialogue. If the young man liked you too, he will definitely reciprocate you, and an exciting correspondence will start.

What about a webcam conversation?

This is a must-have phrase for anyone planning a real date. You should not go to a real meeting if you have seen a person in only one photo of poor quality. It could be a scammer or an aggressive person. It is much better to have one or two online dates online that you can wear a nice dress or stylish shirt. After you charm a man with the help of a photo, you can start real communication.

How do you feel about girls who talk to men first?

Some people think that when taking initiative, the girl automatically finds herself in a dependent position, but this is not so. Guys know that few ladies write first, which means they treat them like some kind of jewel. That is why, turning in this way to a man, you will surely receive a compliment in your address and a reason to develop an interesting conversation.

You look like the man I dreamed of today

A little pompous phrase, but it will always be nice to hear, because everyone wants to know that he is the man of someone’s dreams. Let him feel it with such a sophisticated compliment. Several general themes can be found from it, one of which is about dreams.

Do you think the Internet is the place for serious relationships?

If you intend to find true love and serious relationships on a dating site or in a video chat, this question should be asked directly to the person you like. Depending on the answer, you can decide whether to continue communicating with him. Please note: even if a guy is sure that something serious cannot be found on the Internet, do not assume that he is not right. Who knows, maybe he is just disappointed with previous acquaintances. Prove to him that you are the girl who will be a pleasant exception for him.

These are the most interesting phrases for meeting a guy on the Internet, which will help to interest him, learn a lot about the person and assess your compatibility.


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