Keeping a man interested in online communication is not an easy task. This is a dynamic process that cannot stand still. It constantly needs to be developed in various ways. You need to be able to reveal positive traits in yourself and build a dialogue in the right direction. What are the fundamental rules that will unconditionally help to achieve the desired result?

Rule # 1

You need to think before you send this or that message. The most important task of online communication is to meet in the real world as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is important to think over each step and understand what it can lead to. If you want easy, casual communication, then choose the appropriate topics. If it is the other way around, then match what you want.

Rule # 2

Communication should be interesting and exciting. It does not matter what kind of dialogue it is, it should always catch on a man. It is important to find common topics and discuss them as much as possible. The main thing is to interest and show that you are a good conversationalist, and then everything will turn out well by itself.

Rule # 3

Do not drag out the conversation.. A man should not enjoy you enough, he should always be “not enough”. This will motivate you to chat online with you every day, rather than once a week or month.

Rule # 4

Never reproach or criticize the man you like online. Every person who is in chat-roulette is looking for a like-minded person and a person who will always listen, support and say nothing against. So be that person! Of course, you can express disagreement, but in a mild form, without pressure. Be gentle and empathetic.

Rule # 5

Never insist. There are times when people on chat roulettes communicate with the same person for a long time and begin to insist on a meeting or closer communication. Remember that a man should take the first serious steps. So you train him to show initiative and interest.

Rule # 6

Do not rush to immediately run and respond to the man’s online message. Take a short break. Experts practicing the study of the psychology of communication at a distance have derived a formula that a man should write the first five times, and a woman writes on the sixth. Do not abuse this. But to intrigue, but at the same time not show indifference – this is a great option.

Rule # 7

Be open, honest, and most importantly, real. Men always feel even the slightest falsity, which can significantly repulse and ruin a pleasant impression.

Rule # 8

Forget about short, monosyllabic answers and questions. Expand each topic. Use common sentences that will catch on and interest.

Online communication rules help to brighten up everyday life and not lose the interest of a man. Every word spoken or written message can be decisive, so try not to make mistakes.


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