The Internet has seriously changed the nature of relationships and communication between men and women. Today, due to the work, high pace of life and real convenience, services for communicating in the Internet are very popular.

Now you will not surprise anyone by meeting a guy or a girl in the Internet, and this way of dating is now treated differently. Many people choose the services of the Internet to get acquainted with the representatives of the opposite sex.

Most often, guys and girls choose:

· Social networks;

· Dating websites;

· Various chats, video chats and chat-roulettes.

Thanks to certain services, real relationships can develop. However, if the relationship between a guy and a girl is serious, after a period of virtual communication there should come a moment when you want to meet in person.

If you really like the guy you have met online, then you cannot do without a traditional date. The first romantic meeting should be as special as possible.

What can be chosen for a place for a first date

When planning to meet with a guy for the first time, you should solve a very important issue – how to choose a place for a romantic meeting. If a guy invited you on a first date and suggested you choose a venue, it does not mean that he does not care. On the contrary, giving you freedom of choice, he demonstrates respect for your interests.

There can be many venues for such a meeting. For example, you can offer to go to the cinema. What features does this option have:

· You do not know each other well and it is difficult to pick up a topic for conversation right away. Watching the guy’s reaction to the scenes from the movie, you can try to understand some features of his character;

· The atmosphere in the cinema is always romantic. The twilight of the hall will help you relax and feel more confident.

A good place is a small and cozy cafe:

· In a calm and comfortable place you can safely talk and get to know each other;

· Going to a cafe will help you to understand some things about your chosen one.

If during a virtual communication you realized that your boyfriend enjoys outdoor activities, you can invite him, for example, to a bowling club. His behavior, his reaction to mistakes and his statements can also tell you a lot of interesting things about your partner.

What a successful date depends on

If you want to have a good time and learn more about your virtual acquaintance, listen to some recommendations. Among them are:

· Be polite and patient. Try to condescend to some of his mistakes and insecurities;

· Be observant, watch his facial expressions, gestures and actions in a given situation and it will help you to understand some things about your boyfriend;

· Try to simulate situations where your partner will be required to display his own emotions. it will help to understand his character;

· To evaluate the preferances of your partner, leave the choice of a movie to watch or the choice of dishes in a café to him.


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