The vast majority of people just need communication. New acquaintances, communication with friends and interesting people enrich our inner world and give us new emotions.

The Internet and modern information technologies have improved the process of communication. Now, in order to communicate and make new friends, it is enough to have access to the Internet and be able to use a modern gadget. On the Internet, you can find many services and platforms that can make communication with both friends and strangers pleasant and easy.

Resource Š¾ is a chat-roulette for communicating with strangers

In 2009, one of the services for online communication became available on the Internet, which was called Omegle. This resource was one of the first to suggest the idea of communicating online with an interlocutor, who was chosen by the service itself on the principle of roulette. This approach turned out to be interesting for netizens and the number of his fans began to increase. In addition, the very idea of this form of communication has become the basis for the work of many other similar resources. Communication with a random interlocutor has not lost its relevance to this day.

Features of the Omegle service can be considered:

* the ability to communicate in video format with a stranger who is randomly selected by the service itself;

* communicate with the interlocutor by exchanging text messages in real time;

* easy to use and minimal number of controls;               

* the use of a specific filter when the choice of whom to communicate;

* an ability to communicate with strangers without mandatory registration;

* when choosing a partner for communication, you can specify some of your preferences for more accurate selection.

Features of the Fruzo platform

Unlike the Omegle service, Fruzo is considered by many users as a social network for finding new interlocutors and dating through video chat. The main differences between the Fruzo service and other dating services or popular social networks are:

* find your soulmate, man or woman;

* meet new people via video chat;

* subscribe to people you are interested in.

The Fruzo service gives you a good opportunity to communicate with a man or a woman you like before agreeing to a personal meeting or a date. Fruzo is an attempt to combine a dating service and a communication service into one platform, because communication and acquaintance with representatives of the opposite sex are inherently similar.

By choosing to use the Fruzo platform, the user gets a number of opportunities:

* use video chat to communicate and search for matches with other users using the webcam to simplify the process of choosing the interlocutor;

* Fruzo, like many other social networks, provides the ability to create and use a list of friends;

* upload your photos and search for potential friends and interlocutors based on their images;

* use advanced friend search. As search criteria, use gender, age, country of residence and city, as well as any other keywords.


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