The first date is an exciting event for girls. They have a lot more worries than guys. The first thing that comes to mind is the question of what to wear. And then there is a panic, what to talk about, what questions to ask, so as not to seem stupid. Communicating in a video chat in the Internet is not a tricky business, but a real meeting puts people at a standstill. Everyone is afraid to make a mistake in communication. There are no generally accepted conversation rules on a first date. We can only recommend topics for conversation.

If you want further meetings with your chosen one, then your goal is to attract the partner’s interest. You should not immediately focus on your personality talking about your life.

Remember, you are on a date, not an interview, therefore, asking questions one by one is not worth it. Mentally play the script of your conversation in your head.

Avoid conversations about politics, religion, earnings, work, family. These topics will only complicate the conversation. Moreover, each person has his own position. Sex is under the taboo.

Questions should be aimed at studying the partner. Your interlocutor should feel your interest.

Do not be shy to ask about your favorite vacation spots in the city, which country you like, where you prefer to spend your holidays. These questions will show interest, and also help to get information about the financial situation of the interlocutor. Directly asking about monthly income is not accepted, it is an indicator of lack of culture.

The most common and win-win questions are about the film industry. You can find out about favorite movie, ask questions about favorite actor and his role. If the tastes of the movie coincide, then a second date can be arranged in a cinema and a romantic sequel.

Musical addictions are different, some love rock and others love pop music, some listen to classics, others listen to rap. Music is another topic for the first date.

If you are interested in a person, but you are afraid to make a mistake in communication, then ask about what he appreciates in people, what character traits in a girl he likes. This way you will avoid making mistakes and see if your values ​​match.

Remember the funny or happy moments from childhood and ask him about his happiest childhood memory. Consider this slightly sensitive topic, not everyone wants to share with a stranger. Ask if you have a pet or if you were a child, tell about yours.

Remember, it is better to touch on neutral light topics, do not forget about a sense of humor.


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